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How to Increase Hair Volume - 11 Simple Tips

Healthy hair volume is the most beautiful gift of God. We all love luxurious and voluminous hair. Like poetry hair beautification is not just a science but one of the must astonishing art. It is like a river. The more we take care of it, the more beautiful it will be. Our hair deserve special treatments. 

In the book Beautiful Hair: Natural Care,  I discussed the natural ways for beautiful hair.  In this article, I discussed the practical tips for voluminous hair. 

Normally, the diameters of our hair varies from 40 microns to 120 microns. We can not increase the diameter of the hair. But products like mousse or gel can temporarily give the feeling of increased diameter.  Similarly, increasing the density of the hair in the scalp is not an easy task. However, to give the look and feel of increased hair volume, we can do a lot. First thing is increasing the stiffness of hair. The second one is changing the hair curvature. The third one is adding space for storing more air and moisture in between the hairs and in between hairs and the roots. It builds more air pockets, between the hair and the scalp.
Moreover, optimal friction is very important for hair volume. Friction helps you to hold your hair into shape while you finish drying the hair. Friction gives the feel and look of volume. But be careful - excessive friction makes the hair rough and damages the hair.
Here, I am giving below eleven simple tips for increasing hair volume.

Eleven Hair Volume Tips

  1. Use good volumising shampoo and conditioner.  Apply the conditioners at the middle and ends of the hair.
  2. Use towel to let your hair air dry for about five minutes before blow drying. 
  3. Divide your hair into manageable layers. These layers gives the look of increases the hair volume. 
  4. Apply voluminousness mousse just above the root of the hairs. Avoid the very scalp; any product left on the scalp will dry on the scalp and leave your scalp feeling itchy. Mousse  gives styling in the hair.
  5. Use reverse blow drying that is simple upside down blow. To add volume, the roots must be dried first.  Blow from the inside out.  Blow it dry  up to 75% to 85% with your head upside down to set in the volume with heat.  Dry evenly over the whole hair. You may use a diffuser piece on your hairdryer. This will soften the blast of the hairdryer. Experiment and see what fits best for you and your hair.
  6. Apply blow dry parallel to the hair not perpendicular to the hair.
  7. Allow more air circulation in the root area. Air circulation gives volume. Never aim the blow dryer directly at your scalp. Always aim  the blow dryer down.
  8. Keep the blow dryer about 6 to 10 inches away from your hair. Adjust your head sometimes tilt the tip the head upside down. 
  9. Softly massage the hairs with your fingertips. This will assist the hair to return to a the natural state. Be careful not to overdo the little massage. 
  10. Use good brush. The brush needs to have a large head and have the ability to grab the hair. This helps to pull the hair straight while blow drying. You may use ceramic brush.
  11. Weather plays a big role for voluminous hair styles. Adjust your  dryer according to the weather.

Don'ts For Hair Volume

  1. Don't apply too many hair products. These may weight your hair down.
  2. Dry evenly over the whole hair. Don't try to dry one area and then move on to the next.
  3. Do not blow the dryer directly at your scalp.
  4. Do not move your head back and front too quickly, that may destroy the curls in the hair.
  5. Do not apply volumizing sprays, which contains too much alcohol. 
  6. Avoid waxy products that can cause thin hair to clump at the roots and give the appearance of even less hair.

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